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Date: June 25, 2017 Post # 3 Drive-by logins: see #2 below

All of these logins lasted less than a minute, with just a little more patience, there might have been a game:

17:34 T..... logged in
17:34 T..... logged out
17:35 S..... logged in
17:35 S..... logged out
17:39 k1.... logged in
17:39 k1.... logged out

These were a little farther apart, but might have joined a game the other 3 started.

18:02 k2.... logged in
18:03 k2.... logged out

18:17 a..... logged in
18:17 a..... logged out

18:35 r..... logged in
18:35 r..... logged out

Date: June 20, 2017 Post # 2 How to get a game going

Quite a few players - or potential players - visit the site and when they see no games going, leave right away.

The next person might do the same thing, possibly seconds later, each not knowing about the other.

Ships passing in the night.

To meet, they'd have to have split-second timing, and arrive at virtually the same time.

They want to join an ongoing game, or go find something else to do.

But think for a moment, How did that game get going?

Someone was the first to arrive, and found no one there. But instead of leaving, they waited a little while, and pretty soon another and another showed up and they could start.

BE THAT PERSON - and make it so others don't find that same empty lobby - they find YOU there!

Date: June 20, 2017 Post # 1 Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Acrozilla Blog.

It will provide Acrozilla news, notices of near-term events, and general goings on of the site.